Sale of sparkling in Toledo

Our vineyards are seated in a privileged position

Vineyard in winter

It is the time for pruning indicated . The strain retains only the branches of the previous year

Vineyards in Spring

It is the time when new shoots begin to emerge , of which will be eliminated ..

Vineyards in summer

The berries gradually fattening and its color varies from bright green to a dull red.

Vineyards in late summer

Once the grape reaches optimum maturity proceeds to vintage ...

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Nuestros Cuevas, los mejores vinos espumosos

Bodegas Cuevas Santoyo Vinos Espumosos

Cuevas Santoyo

 20+ Profesionals

100 % of its activities are directed towards the development under the Traditional Method

 4200+ Clients

In our short existence we have already sold our sparkling wines to 4,200 + clients worldwide

 5 Types of grapes

We use 5 types of grapes (Verdejo, Macabeo, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Airén)

  Oru Cuevas

Our cuevas: Cuevas Santoyo , Gotas de Plata, Gama Oro

Our cuevas

Blog Cuevas Santoyo

04 Oct 2014
The area enjoys a climate ideal for obtaining high quality wines with marked seasons and major thermal contrasts, very hot summers and very cold...
04 Oct 2014
Our vineyards are located in a prime area, on the banks of the Cigüela River. The slopes and higher plains have cool soil with limestone rubble in...


Cueva is a Differentiated Quality Mark, which gives its name to the region where it is produced and processed, particularly in Villanueva de Alcardete in Toledo. To elaborate the Cueva we use the Traditional Method. A product that exceeds the standard quality of the market, according to the norms of their statutes and audited by an external auditing body

Sparkling Wine

Viñedos y Reservas is a winery in Castilla la Mancha, a pioneer in the production of sparkling wine since 1987 and under the Differentiated Quality Mark ‘CUEVA’. 100% of its activity entails preparation under the traditional method of bottle fermentation.We are in Villanueva de Alcardete, in the province of Toledo, territory of Don Quixote and in the vicinity of the Finca Venta of his beloved Dulcinea del Toboso

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 Cuevas Santoyo - Vinos espumosos


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  • Dirección
    • Bodega Viñedos y Reservas
      Ctra. Quintanar Km 2
      Villanueva de Alcardete. 45810 – Toledo – España
      925 167 536
      Oficina Comercial
      c/del Divino Vallés 32
      28045 – Madrid
      91 474 40 99

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