1. Harvest

1. Vendimia

Takes place between late August and early October. Each grape variety is harvested when it is perfectly ripe. White grape varieties generally mature earlier than the red varieties, with the Chardonnay being harvested in August.

2. Extracción

2. Extracción

The grape is whisked away to our winery, where worm gears send the clusters to a crusher popping the berries which release the juice. They are gently pressed, obtaining the most delicate aromas and flavours from the flower must.

3. Fermentation


Each grape variety is fermented separately in stainless steel tanks. The alcoholic fermentation consists in the transformation of the must sugars into ethanol and carbon dioxide by yeast, and transforming the flower must into the prized Cueva base wine.

4. Blend


This is the name given to the perfect combination of Cueva base wines. Based on the characteristics of each vintage and the work of our expert tasters and winemakers, the composition is decided, setting the proportions to obtain the final Cueva base wine.

5. Liqueur de Tirage


The fruity Cueva base wine is bottled in heavy glass bottles, with an exact dosage of sugar and yeast. When the sugar-fed yeast is activated, it produces the natural bubbles of our Cuevas Alcardeteños sparkling wine.

6. Ageing in stacks


Ageing Phase. (At least 9 months - Maximum 36 months) With the bottle placed horizontally, the wine slowly undergoes its second fermentation and generating increasingly complex aromas, enriched by this second fermentation and the subsequent yeast autolysis. The Ageing of Cuevas Alcardeteños wines is carried out at a constant temperature, in the silence and darkness of our caves.

7. Clarification


After the minimum 9 months, the Ageing of Cuevas wine, the bottles are placed in an inclined position, rotating them a quarter turn every day to facilitate the concentration of the already inactive yeast (lees) near the mouth of the neck of the bottle.

8. Disgorgement and Dosage

8. Degúelle y dosaje

The locking plate is removed carefully to prevent the content from clouding. Yeasts concentrated at the mouth of the bottle are ejected by the pressure of the natural carbon dioxide produced in the second fermentation. The very small amount of wine lost is quickly replaced. If the replaced base wine is dry, the sparkling wine will become "Brut Nature." If the replaced wine has a small variable percentage of sugar, it will be "Liqueur d'expedition." This percentage will classify Cuevas wine as Brut, Dry, Semi-dry and Sweet.

9. Sealing

9. Sellado

The bottles are capped with the classic mushroom-shaped cork, securing it with twisted wires called a morion or muzzle, and the plate preventing untimely handling of the bottle when it leaves the winery. They are then washed and labelled, and its final capsule is given. After this point, our sparkling Cueva wine is ready to be marketed. A calm moment of the day is needed to enjoy the wine.


Cueva is a Differentiated Quality Mark, which gives its name to the region where it is produced and processed, particularly in Villanueva de Alcardete in Toledo. To elaborate the Cueva we use the Traditional Method. A product that exceeds the standard quality of the market, according to the norms of their statutes and audited by an external auditing body

Sparkling Wine

Viñedos y Reservas is a winery in Castilla la Mancha, a pioneer in the production of sparkling wine since 1987 and under the Differentiated Quality Mark ‘CUEVA’. 100% of its activity entails preparation under the traditional method of bottle fermentation.We are in Villanueva de Alcardete, in the province of Toledo, territory of Don Quixote and in the vicinity of the Finca Venta of his beloved Dulcinea del Toboso

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